Thursday, April 21, 2011

Travel. Explore. Share.

We are friends who met on a whirlwind weekend trip to Charleston and instantly realized we had one major thing in common: we love to travel. No matter where, no matter when, we are always up for a quick weekend getaway and constantly planning our next big trip.  When we met, we instantly realized we had each found a new go-to roadtrip buddy, travel partner, and someone who would always be ready to pack a bag and go without notice.  

Emily and Brooke rocking out at Red Rocks. Morrison, Colorado.

Along with our love to travel comes a love for amazing food, delicious wine, and an objective to make sure we are having the best time ever, no matter where we are.  We also have a deep appreciation for "acting like a local" while we are playing tourist.  Whether that means eating local food from street vendors in Thailand, or befriending a biker crew in one of the best known honky tonks in Nashville, we are always striving to get the real experience.  Meeting locals, sharing stories, and making new friends while we are traveling is our goal for each and every trip.  We fall naturally into local habits and culture, and try to emulate the native way of life.  We thrive off what each place has to offer.  We take chances. We ask questions.  We explore. We want to soak it all up, with every being of our bodies.  As profound as that sounds, isn't that what life is all about?

Brooke at Lake Irene.  South Island, New Zealand.

The idea to create a place where we can chronicle our adventures, give trip advice and recommendations, and swap travel stories, came to us after writing perhaps our 300th email of suggestions for friends who were planning a trip and wanted our advice.  We are hoping to create a place where young, fun, fearless travelers can come to get trip planning ideas, exchange recommendations, and get inspired to get out there and travel, explore and share their experiences with other like minded explorers.

Delicious spread from Emily's travels in Thailand.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." 

One of our favorite vistas.  Emily perfectly captured two long tails in Krabi, Thailand.

 happy travels!
Brooke and Emily

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