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In Why Sea

I just had an amazing whirlwind trip to NYC. The reason, to celebrate my dear friend and cousin's bachelorette! The weather was unreal the entire time. Sunny, high 60s during the daytime creeping only down to the high 50s with the loss of the daylight. We were tucked away in SoHo at a very reasonably priced hotel. The Gem. The service was great, the rooms were clean. That was all we needed... as we did not come to The City to sit in our rooms. We came to explore, eat, walk, get lost, take pictures, have late night dance parties, and marvel at the fact this would indeed be the last "girls weekend"  with our one and only bride to be. This was the first time I've been to NYC where I was the leader. With each and every other visit, I am visiting friends & my weekend is laid out for me, I have no decisions or choices to ponder, I am just along for the ride. It proved to be a little trickier to plan a long weekend for 12- However, due to some rather