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"I Dew"

I just returned from a rather swell weekend spent in  the Western part of our beloved NC. I gotta be honest, I don't get out that way much. I am more of a Coastal gal. However with rankings such as those listed below, I may need to start making the 3.5 hour haul more often. "50 most alive places to be" "America's top 25 art destinations" "Happiest city for women" "Best place to reinvent your life" "New 'freak' capital of the US" "Best 'outside' town" "One of the happiest places in the US" (in case you were wondering, San Louis Obispo, CA is # 1 & happens to be my birth place!) This was only my second visit to Asheville, however I am not sure if the first one even counts. It was 5 or so years ago and it was for a Widespread Panic concert weekend. So one can assume there was not a lot of city exploring, eating of awesome food, enjoying and taking in the nature, or visiting with f