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Belize: The Few. The Humble. The Sure.

Belize City , summer of 2000, I was 15 and it is here I experienced what contentment, culture and caution was all about. Amy and I at St. George's Caye By the end of that summer I had found a contentment of living in Belize . This new unfamiliar environment had soon become a pure joy when I finally acquired how to do it and became part of the daily life of the city. I was in a country full of people who had less than me, or so I thought. But what filled my soul was how content they were with as much or little as they did have. Despite their low socioeconomic condition, It made me aware (an epiphany for me) that living “simply” does not mean living “poorly!”  I never got the feeling of envy, jealously, or lack of pride.  They may sleep on the newspaper but they read it before lying on it. The literacy rate is around 94%, which proves their thirst for knowledge. I was humbled by every Belizean I met… the good and bad.  In the middle of the Caribbean Getting Conch ou