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South Jersey: Part one.

Before I start this post on our trip,  let me provide you with a little fun fact about New Jersey and Oregon. This was one of many things I learned this summer. NJ and OR are the only two states in the country where it is illegal to pump your own gas. The law became effective because Legislative members thought it was too dangerous for those who were not properly trained to be handling such flammable liquids. In NJ its has been this way for 57 years. My Grandmother Hall died in her late 80s and story has it she never pumped her own gas. But I can assure you it is not because she thought it was too flammable. Being from the South she told us many times, there were just certain things ladies did not do. I assume pumping her own gas was one of them. She also (story has it) never drove. So if she was not going to be the one driving, she surely was not going to be the one pumping the gas. And why should she? She did, indeed have my Granddaddy Hall to do it for her. Ok, now... who knew Sou

South Jersey: Part two.

When we visited earlier this summer, I sadly did not get to see too much of Ocean City because we were focused on the music festival in Atlantic City. This time around, we were focused on soaking up Ocean City and the beloved "Bay House" for the last official weekend of Summer. View from dock at Bay House Sunset at the Bay House Sunset at the Bay House Inside the dock house Brooke's Sister, Holly, and I arrived at PHL Airport around 3:30 Friday. The sky was overcast but we have not a worry in the world, as everyone knows it never rains at the beach. Mr. Robinson, who swiftly became my new favorite elder, happened to be flying in around the same time and offered us a ride since he was going to the "shore" for the weekend of Labor as well. Mr. Robinson is the father of OC family friend, Steve. As we crossed the bridge that lead us out of Philly and our introductions and brief background stories were wrapping up, Mr. Robinson starts raving about Cra