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"The Fun Gunns"

We just returned from Denver and "Colorful Colorado" is just that. This was our second visit to the area. My cousin and her new hubby just moved there this past June. We were due for another trip out West, so we figured this would fit the bill. View from Park Cool front porch down the street from the Gunn's I headed out Thursday pm after work. After a slight layover in Dallas, I finally arrived around 11pm. Maria and I head to their house and after a quick unpack, a bottle of red is opened. Once the bottle was gone and we realized it was 1:30 am (3:30 my time), we retreated to our beds! Micah had an exam the next morning so he skipped out on the vino. Not wanting to waste any of my Denver time, I rose up around 7:30, had some coffee and read on their amazing and cozy front porch. Maria and I dropped Micah off at DU and say 'see ya at 2:30'. We were set to pick Brooke up at 11, so we had a few hours to kill. Hazel Girl (the most lovable and adorable yello