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Georgia's Peach

 Atlanta :
- Is one of only two cities in the world to be home to not one but two Nobel Peace Prize winners. Martin Luther King, Jr was presented the award in 1964 at the age of 35. President Jimmy Carter, in 2002, making him the third U.S. President to receive this honor. Both Nobel Peace Prizes are displayed for your viewing pleasure in Atlanta. and
- Has the largest single mass of exposed granite in the world, at Stone Mountain.
- Has the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere, Winston Peachtree. It's 73 stories and 723 feet tall.
- Has the14th largest mall in the Nation, The mall of Georgia.
- Has 41 public golf courses.
- Houses the second  largest theatre organ in the Unites States of America and it's at the renowned Fox Theatre.
- Has an area called Buckhead and owes its unusual name to the 19th Century local general store owner Henry Irby. He killed a large deer and prominently mounted the buck over the wall of his establishment, a popular outpost for locals and travelers. The name stuck, despite efforts to change it in the late 1800s.
-Gets 16.5 million visitors each year!

I, one of those 16.5 million visitors, recently took the short hour flight down to ATL to visit a long & not so lost friend. Also making time for other friends in the area. This is a city that has a ton to offer: shopping, site seeing, museums, outdoor activities, etc, all the while you have the choice to go places where you feel like you are in a huge city or opt for local and neighborhood atmospheres.  I feel like "they" have done a great job of creating boroughs within this metropolitan mass. 

Todd Murphy Painting at Two Urban Licks
I flew from Raleigh and arrived to the world's busiest airport around 9:15 pm. We decided we would have chill night with dinner at Two Urban Licks . From the moment we approached it I was mesmerized. As we drove up I asked, are we in the right place?! It was rows and rows of old abandoned looking warehouses. I was told to "just wait", so I did. We parked the car and hop out. Still looking around, a little confused. We walk up a loading ramp/ dock that has been turned into valet  for parking and right then I knew this place was legit. Snuggled between several old warehouse buildings was this remarkable eatery. There was live jazz in the background that "puts off sultry vibes and electric beats", dim lights, lots of people (even though it was close to 10 pm), interesting artwork, a open roasting rotisserie set up in the middle of the room, a large u shaped bar, high ceilings, exposed brick, interesting use of concrete, and an intriguing about of red vino on the wine list. Our waiter was on point and the food even more so. Then menu changes frequently, but that night we pleased our taste buds with lamb lollipops, fried green tomatoes, bbq chicken with homemade mac n cheese, and sea scallops. Would not have changed a thing. After dinner we took our empty wine bottle for a keepsake (they make awesome lamps, have your local lamp store convert a cool wine bottle into a lamp, like this: go a step further and buy a base to set you bottle on and use the cork as a finial). 

Delightful Red Vino At Two Urban Licks
After dinner and vino, a chill night was no longer an option. From here we did a little bar hopping: then then finally we decided it was time to go home!

If you are ever in Atlanta and even like art just a little, this next suggestion is more of a must do. It was recommended by several friends and I'm glad I didn't miss it. The High Museum of Art.

Once I found out what exhibit was being hosted, I knew I had to go. Picasso to Warhol was on display ...basically showcasing all modern artist between the two times, who helped the world re-identify what art is and could/ can be. We've all seen posters, coffee table books, prints, etc but to see and be able to stand and marvel at something so spectacular, it  is really moving. You can stand close up, see brush strokes, imperfections, wrinkles in paper, different mediums, read captions, and be curious for as long as you like. I have found even if I come across art I don't much care for, I ,over the years have learned to have an appreciation for it- how can you not?!

Pictures I took at the High Art Museum

In 2010, I was invited by my friend Hunter to attend the practice round of the Master's in Augusta. He works at Peachtree Golf Club and each year is given passes. You always hear about how beautiful Augusta is and not even being a huge golf fan, I must say- it is indeed a beautiful course. It is maintained at a level of perfection. Seemingly flawless. I really had no idea what to expect. There were thousands of people. Green coats. Whispers. Sunshine. Uncanny prices for snacks and drinks. Dozens of folks with the media. A slight breeze. We had special passes so we were able to go behind the white rope to the club house and have lunch, which was real treat and offered a sight of the course not seen by everyone.

Amen Corner 

Tiger's Golf Bag

Lunch menu at the Clubhouse
Augusta Club House

Tiger checking out his shot
After a full day of golf we rushed back to Atlanta in time for a Braves game. For as long as I can recall my Grandparents on my father's side have been Braves fans. Ha, my Mema even stood in line for 4 hours one time to get a signed ball from Mark Lemke (despite me asking for a ball that Chipper had signed) for my birthday. But, I'd never been to a game. Shew, being at Turner field  with 50-54 thousands fans singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the Seventh-inning stretch, eating peanuts and drinking Coca-Cola brings back a feeling of nostalgia like no other!

After a major fire, Atlanta became the only city in North America that was destroyed by a fire as an act of war. Only 400 structures remained after the fire. This happened in November of 1864 when General Sherman had it burned to the ground. Phoenix is the city's symbol now, representing a legendary bird of Egyptian mythology that rose from it own ashes with improved beauty and strength. This is a city that had to be rebuilt from the ground up, in the original location in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, to reinstate their place on the map and was done so by the strong men and women of Atlanta. Atlanta has many historic facts, places, and things to do... that everyone should check out, at least once.

Fox Theater 
Parker at the new 4th Ward Park
Big thanks to Jasmine Bishop, Aaron Jennings, Jaime Moffett, and Hunter Smith for suggestions on things listed below :)

Places to eat & or drink:

Rosebud- Best brunch hands down
Flip Burger Boutique- Twist on the burger
Ecco- fully sustainable by growing their own herb, spices, etc on the rooftop! Sources say to try the olive oil ice cream with sea salt.
Wisteria: Lamb Shank is dank.
Bistro Niko: Best place to act like your in France. Coq au vin gives France a run for its money.
Haute Doggery:
Hal's Steak House:
The Warren:
Tin Lizzy's:
St. Regis ( great bar ):
Dive Bar:
Northside Tavern:
Tavern at Phipps:
Dark Horse:
The Albert:
Blind Willies:
Six Feet Under:
Hill Street Tavern:
Young Augustine's:

Things to do & or see: Yes, some suggestions will be touristy!

Turner Field:
Coca Cola Museum:
Grant Park Cemetary:
4th Ward Park: Just Opened and very cool!
Stone Mountain:
Piedmont park:
Virginia Highland:
CNN Tour:
Jimmy Carter Library:
Zoo Atlanta:
ATL Aquarium:
Centennial Olympic Park:
Krog Street Tunnel:

 Krog Street Tunnel

Written by: Emily Ballard
All photos taken by: Emily Ballard


  1. I'm proud to live vicariously through my Emmie - my shining star. HOTlanta still sizzles, baby!


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