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Let's Drive Out West.

In 2009 my best bud, Tom, made the decision to move to Thailand. Upon this move there were some things that needed to be taken care of, one of those things was to drive across county and live in TahoeCity for a couple months. Mrs. Betty (Tom’s Mom) was telling me over a glass of vino during Christmas break, 2008 that it would be some kind of wonderful if I would drive with him. She was a little concerned with him making the drive alone. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. Now, all I had to do was ask the boss man for 6 work days off. I would be gone for 10 days total. Soon after I climbed aboard the “Let’s Drive Out West” bus, I was having a convo with our friend Emily Wyatt. Over, yet, another glass of vino, we had our 3rd musketeer.

Tom mapped our trip out for us… We would have free places to stay along the way, which sounded wonderful. Emily and I did not ask many questions. In a nut shell this is how we got from East Side to West Side:
Tom drove from New Bern, NC to Raleigh to…