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The Land of Smiles: Part 3

Southern Thailand: Beaches Once cozy in our first class seats, drinks are ordered! It was before noon, so we opt for the breakfast drink- mimosas. Moments after we are level in the air, our fold down trays were magically supplied with OJ, Bubbly, water, hot tea, newspaper (that I could not read) and hot wash cloths! We are in route to Phuket. Tom's uncle lives there so he has been several times. It's sort of the 'hub' for that part of the country. From Tom's visits, he suggseted we away from there as quickly as possible and head for a more local vibe. Uncle Buddy decided to spend the week in Phuket and surrounded beaches. When the flight lands and we are off the plane "see ya laters" are said and we part ways. Tom and I had into town to hop on a local bus. It was about a 3 hour bus ride. We jetted to the back so we could have our own space. The bus was an old school Greyhound bus, if you will. Thia music videos were playing and there was

The Land of Smiles: Part 2

Northern Thailand , Chiang Mai Before traveling to Thailand , I thought it was Bangkok and white sandy beaches. A mountain region never crossed my mind. Tom moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai after taking his teaching class. We actually went to pick up his certificate while I was there! Chiang Mai is a large University City nestled in the Mountains of Thailand. We took a night train leaving Bangkok around 7:30pm to Chiang Mai. It was about a 14 hour train ride, but most of it through the night, so not bad. Also, there were a lot of young travelers on the cart with us, so we played card/ drinking games and swapped stories. I think our ticket was like $40ish dollars. Chiang Mai is the big city in the mountains. We stayed in the mountain region for almost a week then booked flights (about 3 days out) to the beaches. We flew from CM to Phuket (booked first class by accident). Since we were there, I went ahead and booked my flight from Phuket back to Bangkok s