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These streets will still inspire you!

Earlier this year I had a nice mini vacay in NYC. It was so nice to head in and not have an agenda. Well, the only thing "planned" was The Black Keys at Madison Square Garden, but that was not until Monday pm and I arrived Friday evening. I jet-setted from RDU and arrived in New York at dusk which, by the way, is an amazing time of day to be flying into NYC. The sun was setting in the West providing the skyline of the city with an amazing backdrop of pinks, yellows and oranges. It's hard to believe how drastically the sky can change, just in just a matter of moments. Not more than 30 min prior I was flying over the Atlantic with blues skies and puffy cotton ball clouds resting below the plane. Once we landed I grabbed my bag from the claiming area and stood in line for a taxi. From here I ventured to the Upper West Side. I've never been that far North on the island, so I was excited to see what it was all about. My friend Caitlin and her lover