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Linville, NC

Driving into the mts Looking for mountain wedding perfection? Linville, NC should be on the top of your list. Emily & Will, wonderful people and friends of ours were recently married here. I'd been to surrounding areas, Boone & Blowing Rock, but never spent anytime in Linville. From Em & Will's description  I knew to expect beauty but not much else. I was more than pleasantly surprised. View from front porch View from front porch Email threads of where to stay, what to eat and things to do started months before the big day. After expansive world wide web searches, what seems like hundreds of emails, and a final # a house was booked. The house I was in was appropriately called the Nut House . If one is ever in need of a simple mountain cabin for the allowed 6 (or the actual 10-13 or so we had), this without doubt is your place. It was everything we needed and wanted (minus a few beds). The view was wonderful (from the front porch).  We had zero neigh

The Mississippi Delta

For those of you, who are not familiar with  "The Mississippi Delta" or just "The Delta", please read  here  for details. One of my best gal's, whom her inner circle calls "B"-short for Brantley was born and raised in the mighty Delta. She came to NC to attend Grad School at North Carolina State University. After graduation, she moved back home to figure out what would be the next step in adult hood. After multiple conversations, thoughts, interviews and consideration; "B" figured it out. Her next step was to move to Greenwood . Greenwood is about an hour  from Greenville , where she grew up. So she was just far enough for parents not to 'drop in' but still close enough to have the comforts of home. Greenwood is now where "B" resides, does landscape architect contract work and writes for her landscape architect blog . This is also where she made new friends, bought her first home, plays in (but not limited to) soy bean, c