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San Fran & The Bay Area

Me at Point Reyes National Seashore. Mount Saint Helena in the far right background! Not many folks know this, but I am a California Girl. I was born in San Luis Obipso, but left about a week after being born, so I claim Eastern NC as home. I've been back to California several times: San Diego, LA and San Fran and let me tell you, California is an amazing state that has so much history, culture, and self identity in each region. My friend Becca asked if I wanted to tag along to with her to San Fran to visit her bestie, Brooke. Once I found out that I had some miles that needed to be used and my flight would be discounted $250.00, it seemed silly not to go. I often get asked how I afford this "lavish lifestyle". Well, for starters, it is not lavish. It is prioritizing and planning. Another big money saver is I travel where I have a free place to stay, that will save hundreds! Most of my trips are planned several months in advance and once they are, I take it upon