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This is a follow up to our Charleston's Charm   post. I've been back down to Charleston a dozen times since that June 11' post and feel you should know my new fav spots. My latest jaunt South of the Border was a couple weeks ago. My Mississippi friends were celebrating a Big 30 and I agreed to meet them and play sort- of travel guide. Malone was a Charleston virgin while it had been some time for Mary Hayes and Brantley. I must say it was enjoyable to be in town with new people and play tourist ( I've been going for years and had several "first" this trip). We were to meet Friday around lunch and dive in hard. THURSDAY The 7th of Feb was the date of  the annual Valentine's making party. Sadly, I never get to be a part of this oh so special occasion with my Charleston Gals, well b/c it's always on weekday. This year, while I arrived 30 min before everyone left, I still got a yummy  lasagna dish , drank vino and made several cards. Covered in sti