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If you have not figured it out yet, let me fill you in... traveling is like oxygen for me. Traveling keeps me sane. Traveling keeps me curious. Traveling keeps me inspired. Traveling keeps me in love with life. Traveling keeps me grounded. It seems just when I return home from a "big" trip or even just a short weekend away, my mind is already spinning on "what is next"?! I've learned over the years, that 'it' is a passion not all understand. I do not scoot around NC, the country or the world because I am not content with the life I have created in Raleigh. I do it because I covet what this world has to offer. So while it was a little crazy (and scary in ref to the funds) to plan to leave for Hawaii just 18 days after getting back from SF- I knew it would be worth it and of course it was. A week in The Playground of the Pacific will do wonders for the essence of one's being and more so for their spirit. Sean Penn once said about his work i