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Easter in Colorado

I spent this past Easter visiting some my family in Colorado. They live in Denver, but we crammed a lot of others places in while I was there- as we tend to do when I go visit. Maria and Micah were not able to come home for Turkey or Santa and knowing Easter is Maria's favorite holiday, I wanted to be there. I booked travel for Wed pm to Monday pm. Being excited about arriving in time for a late dinner on Wednesday was an understatement. I was not even letting the thought of delays and what if's enter into my mind. All was well until I arrived in DC. What was supposed to be a 45 min layover turned into a 4 hour delay/ layover, in, to be sure, the crappiest terminal in the entire airport. With 65 middle school students all from Denver, trying to get home from their week long field trip (please insert: LOTS of DC attire with monuments, very loud talking, dance parties, and more luggage than you can imagine). I had two choices here, ok three. 1: Get upset. 2. Sit there w