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Africa Part 3: Safari & Getting Home

Clinic week actually flew by, it seemed like in no time, we were packing our stuff back up! We woke up Saturday morning with anticipation about what the day/ evening held. After breakfast we were to drive 3 hours to the edge of the Nile River . The Nile! That alone was enough to get me pumped up. Along the long dirt road that dead ended at the river we had to close the windows when we drove through the valleys, so we would not get bitten by a huge horse fly looking insect. I am not entirely sure what would happen if one of these little guys got us, but it was insane how once we dipped down to the lower parts of the road, they would just be swarming! After several hours we reach the river and instantly we saw  Elephants , Hippos and Baboons around us. We waited for about 30 min for the ferry aka barge to come back across the river to get us. Most were completely fine with this lull because it granted the perfect photo opp.   The first thing we saw when we hopped off the barge on