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Nica: Free Day

With each trip, we have a free day before we fly home. In Nica, we got up early and left the hotel and drove just over 2 hours to stop in Leon, before heading South another 2 hours for Pochomil Beach. Leon has been around since the 1520s. In the early 1600s the city was abandoned due to many earthquakes. We wandered the old city streets, gawked at the beautiful and massive Leon Cathedral, shopped with street vendors, drank and bought coffee and snapped pictures. We had hour and half to wander.

The Cathedral's construction lasted from 1747-1814 and is the largest in Central America. It holds the title of being one of the oldest dioceses in the Americas (1531). There are 27 people buried underneath the Cathedral.

Anxious doesn't begin to describe the feeling we have when we are approaching the beach. Our original hotel plans got messed up so we were all taking a chance on this new hotel no one had ever been to before. It was glorious. Hotel Vistamar was just what we wanted, co…

NICA: Clinic

This trip I got to see a side of PMI missions that I had not seen before. Our Team Director in training, Stefani, was on this trip, along with her husband Josh. Once I heard he was coming on the trip, I was so pumped to shadow and learn from him.  Stefani lead our team to Uganda so we were old pals, but I had not met Josh before. I was hoping he was open to the idea of me picking his brain, following him around, helping out, etc. To my surprise, he was that and much more. He was working on patient profiles so this allowed him to visit with about a dozen patients and photograph them in their home, which I was able to be apart of! Josh was so willing to have me assist, talk out the best photos of the day and why, help him decide on best location to shoot in the patients homes, etc.  
It was such a cool and humbling experience to explore around with Josh and help him really capture the essence of the people we were serving. I learned lot about photography, of course, but also the people w…