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Que on the Yazoo!

Coming into the Delta. I've taken several trips to the Mississippi Delta  and loved each and every one, including this past trip. Brantley , Executive Director of Main Street Greenwood  has many projects going on year round but the big one is a BBQ contest slash festival...  Que on the Yazoo ! I'd only heard about the pig filled weekend, but I wanted to be apart of it and all it's smell good glory. Each year, the first weekend in May, 20 or so rigs full of meat and peeps line the  Yazoo  on  Front Street  downtown. They start coming in on Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon, everyone is set up, music is going and people are cooking up a meat storm. I arrived into Jackson Wednesday, early evening. This was a perfect time to come in, as the sun was setting just as we took the dip into the Delta. Once back in Greenwood, we got take out from Webster's and enjoyed our yum on the patio at Malone's under bulb lights and tunes filling the air. Que week i