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Mississippi New Years with a night in Memphis

This year I traded in heels and sequins for boots and plaid. For three years I've been hearing about the "epic" parties that happen in Carroll County  at Meadowbrake Farm over New Years. I decided it was time for me to see what it was all about. I'd been to the cabin one other time , but only with 4 of us. The land for Meadowbrake Farm was purchased in 1997 by Mr. & Mrs. Snipes, aka Charles Ed (Chalz Ed) and Peggy (Peggs). They originally bought 100 acres and not long after added another 140 acres. The name of the farm, Meadowbrake, is a combination of Mrs. Peggy's maiden name (Meadows) and a hunting club in Alabama, where Chalz Ed grew up hunting (Canebrake). The cabin you see in the pictures below was built in 2010. It was built on the exact same footprint of the original cabin. Only one tree had to be cut down during the construction of the new cabin. The wood from that tree is now the dining room table and the smoke house that sits to the side of t