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5 Days in Tulum, Mexico!

One way to cure the winter blues is to head to Mexico with your girlfriends! Tulum is a town of only 18,000 residents. Tulum is broken into two parts: Playa (beach) and Pueblo (town). We stayed on the beach for 3 nights and in town for 1. Tulum Playa is magical. Pastels and neutrals everywhere you look, beautiful blue hues of ocean for as far as you can see and places to eat tucked into the jungle or exposed on the beach. The beach, naturally, is much more expensive than town.  They each have a different vibe, both worth your time. After much research we found PPP to be our place. It wasn't too fancy, but had a great vibe via social media and reviews. We quickly learned that Tulum was going to be more expensive than we initially thought, but despite the steep beach prices everyone told us it was worth it. Once arriving, we had to remind ourselves, yes there is a rustic chic feel, but we were still very much in a developing country. Communication will be a barrier, logist