About Emily

I grew up in Eastern North Carolina in the small town of New Bern. I began traveling at a very young age. At just a couple weeks old I did the cross country jaunt. I was born in San Luis Obispo (voted the happiest place in the USA) but after a couple weeks,  I then moved to Chattanooga, TN where my family lived for several years before relocating back to The Coast of NC area where my awesome, funny, smart and beautiful mother was born and raised. There were a couple places in between, but they not worth mentioning. After a few years on Oak Island, we relocated for good to New Bern were I grew up with my blended family. 

My awesome, funny, smart and beautiful mother traveled for work  and while I was in high school I benefited from this.  Now that I write this, I'm not sure why my brother was not apart of these trips!? I had traveled all over the country before graduating high school. 

My first out of country experience came the summer before I senior year in high school. It is on this trip I came to have a new found love for traveling, people, culture and life experiences.  Family and friends say I came back a different person- for the better of course. I visited in Belize City, Belize, Central America for 3 weeks the summer of 2000.  Ever since, I've had the travel bug and have no intentions of kicking it to the curb.

A few fun facts about me: I am pretty easily entertained and love: God, my family (especially my niece Lilyan), Eastern NC, hand written notes, fresh flowers, going to the movies, unique jewelry, lip gloss, my freckles in the summertime, piano music, jeans, listening to my Mother sing in the Messiah at Christmas, the beach, boating, Southern hospitality, traveling, road trips, getting dolled up, t-shirts, good vino, bourbons and whiskeys, shoes, pellet ice, people watching, picture frames, artwork, lamp light not overhead light, sleeping with windows open when it is chilly outside, brushing my teeth, and the smell of: Old Spice Original deodorant, fresh linens and pine... not all together of course. 

I am forever thankful to my parents and the family that helped my mother raise my brother and I and taught us great life lessons. Because of lessons and stories of travel, I feel confident in my decisions to travel near and far and I thrive on the comfort of knowing I have a solid foundation of love & support to fall back on should I ever need it. I am beyond grateful to have seen as much of this world has I have and hope to never stop exploring it. I am also never forgetting that I have the most loving friends that support my longing desire to discover more of this amazing world we live in and as often as possible. I'm proud I've always financially, emotionally and logically figured out a way to make my travels happen and mostly on my own. Most of all, I am overwhelmed that after all these years of traveling I can still be humbled by the sights, cultures and people I meet along the way.