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Aloha 2012


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West Coast Shuffle

"Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it." -Roald Dahl

My family is very tight knit. We always joke; once you are in, you are in. This rings very true to my step brother, Christopher and I. While our parents are no longer married, we don't let that determine the bounds of our relationship.

Last August we took a road trip, driving from San Fran to Seattle. We both have always wanted to drive up The Pacific Northwest along 101. We logged over 2,600 miles in the car through three states, drove through or visited countless State + National Parks, went hours in silence just taking it all in, laughed til we (ok I) cried, stood in awe of things we saw, touched every body of water we could, made split decisions, got lost, took way longer that we planned to get from point A to point B and become closer than ever- all in 11 da…

Solo in Iceland

Let me start by stating: GET TO ICELAND!
Ok, now that we got that minor demand out of the way, I'll tell you about my 5 solo days in my new favorite country. Thank you Vikings for coming to this land from Norway in the 800s and putting it on the map. 

SATURDAY: I arrived in Keflavik at 5:30 am. I wandered around until I could finally read the map on how to get to the car rental place and found Go Iceland Rentals. There was some miscommunication on when I would pick up my car, so the car I reserved was not readily available unless I waited 6 hours. Not having time to waste, I agreed to whatever 4x4 car they had to give me. Big mistake. Before I could get out the lot, the car just stopped, as I was in idle mode, again trying to read a map to my first destination.  I went to get the gentleman who was helping me, however he told me I wasn't driving the car properly. Being that I had been up since 10 am Friday, plus 4 hours (time change), I thought "well maybe I did do someth…

Que on the Yazoo!

I've taken several trips to the Mississippi Delta and loved each and every one, including this past trip. Brantley, Executive Director of Main Street Greenwood has many projects going on year round but the big one is a BBQ contest slash festival... Que on the Yazoo! I'd only heard about the pig filled weekend, but I wanted to be apart of it and all it's smell good glory.

Each year, the first weekend in May, 20 or so rigs full of meat and peeps line the Yazoo on Front Street downtown. They start coming in on Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon, everyone is set up, music is going and people are cooking up a meat storm.

I arrived into Jackson Wednesday, early evening. This was a perfect time to come in, as the sun was setting just as we took the dip into the Delta. Once back in Greenwood, we got take out from Webster's and enjoyed our yum on the patio at Malone's under bulb lights and tunes filling the air. Que week is probably B's busiest week of the enti…